MagicTree Clock

MagicTree Clock

7art Magic Tree Clock brings fantasy to your desktop

Are you looking for a clock to display on your screen?
Are you sick and tired of greatly elaborated clocks with a lot of animations and effects that sometimes even make watching the time difficult?
Would you like one that will also help you to relax?
Or one that can remind you about a magic and peaceful world of fairies and elves?

7art Magic Tree Clock brings fantasy to your desktop.

This very relaxing screensaver will take you on a journey to a world of fantasy. A world where the inhabitants come straight from your imagination.
You are not restricted only to the usual characters portrayed by books.
You can create your own inhabitants of this magical place.

This screensaver will show you a beautiful magic tree. Why magic? Because you can feel it! And also, because you can see it! As soon as you take a look at this tree, you just know there’s something weird about it. You look down and discover a tiny door. Your mind wonders who or what can live inside the magic tree. Your mind races and starts imagining all kinds of characters that can be part of this world.

The whole scene is illuminated with thin light and it looks as in the fog, or with a “soft” effect.
It is really peaceful and relaxing.
And, as you continue checking out the magic tree, you discover what you were here for, in the first place: the magic clock.
It is a beautiful but simple clock, with the circle around its face, as well as its hands, shining faintly with a green glow.

But the magic comes as you continue assimilating the scene.
You discover that the clock is actually growing out of a branch!
Now you are sure there’s magic in this place.
You continue allowing your mind to imagine life in this world, until, in one of the glances at the clock; you remember you have to go back to work.

If you are looking for a clock that will sit silently on your screen, and can even provide you with energy and a nice state of mind, you will surely enjoy this screensaver.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very peaceful and relaxing


  • It is only the same scene all the time
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